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Inspired by two sisters journeying to offer ethnic fashion worldwide, our artisanal collection embodies the essence of premium craftsmanship and sustainability. Crafted in limited quantities by skilled artisans, every item is meticulously designed to harmonise with the elegance of country homes.

Celebrate Indian textiles in modern and contemporary forms worked up with local artisans in-house and bringing the best out to the world. Our premium range of worldclass fabrics are long lasting and affordable. You can't miss out on them!

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  • Why Kurtas Have Become Ladies' Favorite Garment

    Dec 7, 2022

    When it comes to clothes, Indian ladies have a lot of options. Whereas sarees, salwar suits, as well as lehengas, are constantly in style, numerous women have adopted the Indianized...


Reimagining Hand-Block Printing

We take this opportunity to inform all cotton lovers spread across the world about the rich history of hand-block printing in India through this blog. We’re certain that you’ll like the piece and acquire knowledge about hand-block printing so that you can buy your favorite hand-block printed outfits without a doubt.


Handloom has been a very decisive choice for us from the very beginning. Why handloom and not mill made? What are the implications of this...

The Artisan Made collection promotes a two-pronged approach to sustainability that deals with the need to reduce waste, as well as supporting individuals living in difficult circumstances.

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